"golden child refers to a perfect child who is born once in 100 years. they are named so as to lead the kpop industry for the next 100 years as well as the future trend of music."

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Golden Child (hangul: 골든차일드, also known as GNCD) is a rookie 10-member boygroup from Woollim Entertainment, home to INFINITE and LOVELYZ. Some members were initially introduced through 'W Project' — a series of predebut releases throughout early 2017 intended to introduce Woollim's new talents and trainees by showcasing their vocals, rap, and dance. They debuted on August 28, 2017 with 'DamDaDi (담다디)'. The group originally consisted of 11 members before former member Park Jaeseok decided to officially cease activities with the group on January 7, 2018 due to health issues and other personal reasons. The official fandom name is "GOLDENNESS".


» prior to debut, the boys were known as the "woollim boys" and many fans have been anticipating for their debut after some trainees became known to the public. they gained more popularity as trainees after appearing as backup dancers for infinite.

» fans thought their name was too long when it was first announced and have started calling them "golcha" for short which stemmed from 일드 (골 = gol, 차 = cha). jangjun made it canon by using it in episode 4 of woollimpick. this nickname soon became popularized.

» "googoo line" or "googoo child" consists of the four 99 liners: jaehyun, jibeom, donghyun and joochan.

» they currently have three rooms in their dorm and the arrangement is room 1: sungyoon, jangjun, youngtaek, seungmin | room 2: jaehyun, jibeom, donghyun, bomin | room 3: daeyeol | living room: joochan (source)

meet the boys of golden child

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To kick off the year 2017, Woollim launched a series of pre-debut releases known as the W Project. The aim of this project was to introduce their trainees who will be potentially debuting later that year. Through this project, Golden Child members Daeyeol, Jangjun, Youngtaek, Donghyun, Joochan and Jaeseok (now an ex-member) were revealed. They were able to showcase their talents by participating in a release catered to different areas of expertees such as vocals, rap, and dance. Each release includes a music video featuring the members which you can find below.

no one like you

(너 같은 사람 없더라)
members: joochan, soyoon
release date: 170120
available on: melon, iTunes, spotify
+ mv making 1, 2 / dingo music live / 1thek color live

drought ft. bée

members: jangjun, tag
release date: 170213
available on: melon, iTunes, spotify
+ mv making 1, 2 / 1thek waiting room live


(dance performance)
members: daeyeol, jaeseok, donghyun
release date: 170331
+ mv making


release date: 170829
available on: melon, iTunes, spotify

t e a s e r s
concept videos: daeyeol / y / jaeseok / jangjun / tag / seungmin / jaehyun / jibeom / donghyun / joochan / bomin
mv teaser: short ver. / long ver.
album preview

t r a c k l i s t
1. gol-cha!
2. damdadi (담다디)choreo ver. mv / dance practice
3. with me (나랑 해) ↬ dance practice
4. what happened? (내 눈을 의심해)
5. i love you so (네가 너무 좋아)
6. sea ↬ mv / dance practice

miracle "奇跡"

release date: 180129
available on: melon, iTunes, spotify

t e a s e r s
comeback teaser
moving posters: daeyeol / y / jangjun / tag / seungmin / jaehyun / jibeom / donghyun / joochan / bomin / group
golden movie trailer: 1 / 2 / 3
mv teaser
album preview

t r a c k l i s t
1. miracle 奇跡 (기적)
2. it's u (너라고)choreo ver. mv / dance practice: daeyeol / y / jangjun / tag / seungmin / jaehyun / jibeom / donghyun / joochan / bomin / group
3. lady ↬ choreo ver. mv / dance practice
4. crush
5. 모든 날
6. i’m falling


release date: 180704
available on: melon, itunes, spotify

t e a s e r s
mv teaser: short ver. / long ver.
album preview

t r a c k l i s t
1. let mechoreo ver. mv / dance practice
2. if
3. thank you

love letter

drama: 20th century boy and girl (20세기 소년소녀)
release date: 171016
available on: melon, iTunes, spotify


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