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made by @goldenchiids — twitter / jangjuns — tumblr.
curiouscat for any questions, suggestions, broken links. updated on 210127.

"golden child refers to a perfect child who is born once in 100 years. they are named so as to lead the kpop industry for the next 100 years as well as the future trend of music."

Golden Child (골든차일드, also known as GNCD) is a 10-member boygroup from Woollim Entertainment, home to INFINITE, LOVELYZ and ROCKET PUNCH. Some members were initially introduced through 'W Project' — a series of predebut releases throughout early 2017 intended to introduce Woollim's new talents and trainees by showcasing their vocals, rap, and dance. They debuted on August 28, 2017 with 'DamDaDi (담다디)'. The group originally consisted of 11 members before former member Park Jaeseok decided to officially cease activities with the group on January 7, 2018 due to health issues and other personal reasons.

Fandom Name: GOLDENNESS (골드니스)
Lightstick: RUNE-BONG (룬봉)

++ click here for a brief history of golden child ++

— anticipation for woollim's next boy group built up as the identities of male trainees often seen coming in and out of the woollim building were revealed. they became known as the "woollim boys" and dedicated fans have been following their activities since. however, it was not yet known who would make the final lineup of the group.

— some members participated in predebut activities such as performing as back up dancers for infinite and appearing in the drama 'my lovely girl' which ultimately led to an increase in their popularity.

— debut rumours started to spread and the trainees gained more public interest through articles written by fans on portal sites such as nate pann. many of these articles compared the woollim boys to trainees from other companies such as SR15B of SM Ent., etc.

— in 2017, after no statements of debut in the past two years, woollim announced the 'W project' which was intended to introduce some of the members debuting in their new boy group later that year.

— in may 2017, the group's official name and final lineup was finally revealed prior to the premiere of their predebut variety show 'Woollimpick'.

— after the announcement of the group's name, fans thought it was too long and have started calling them "golcha" for short which stemmed from 일드 (골 = gol, 차 = cha). jangjun made it canon by using it in episode 4 of woollimpick. this nickname is now very much commonly used.

— golden child's official fandom name 'GOLDENNESS' was revealed on may 4, 2018. it means a special, valuable treasure in order to make good memories and spend precious times together with golden child.

— the official lightstick 'RUNE-BONG' was unveiled on oct. 23, 2018. it is in the shape of a bowling pin and is held upside down when used to cheer. therefore, the name '룬' (pronounced rune) is derived from flipping the character '골' from golden child's name when written in hangul.

— on dec. 26, 2019, golden child received their first ever music show win with 'wannabe' on m! countdown

as of the moment, there are currently no official subunits yet. however, here are some groups that formed through 'Woollimpick' that show the different dynamics the members have with each other.

(daeyeol & bomin)

derived from '맏형' (mathyung = eldest brother) and '막내' (maknae = youngest). 형 + 내 ⇢ 맏 + 막 = matmak but daeyeol thought that sounds awkward therefore, they changed it to 'makmak'. a good ol' father and son relationship... but who really is the father here?

(seungmin, jangjun, tag)

pretty self-explanatory.. bae seungmin + jangjun + tag = baejangtag. these three are the bridge between the oldest and youngest members. radiate big dumb bitch energy. the superior unit in golcha but you didn't hear this from me

(y & jaeseok)

taken from the first syllables of self-proclaimed princes, y (이) and jaeseok's (석) names ⇢ 와 + 재 = wa-jae ⇢ a-jae. put these two together and it's just sunshines and unicorns and rainbows all around. we don't deserve them.

(jaehyun, jibeom, donghyun, joochan)

the 99 liners. '9' in korean = '' (gu) hence, googoo. as simple as that. but their dynamics are the messiest of all because of all the mini 'ships' within, which in turn also make them the most fun and chaotic.













lee daeyeol ∙ 이대열

birthday: 930211
blood type: b
position: leader, lead vocal, dance
jersey number: #11

  • infinite's sungyeol's younger brother

  • trainee since 2012

  • made a cameo in the drama "my lovely girl" as sana

  • male lead in toheart's "tell me why" music video

  • was a backup dancer for infinite, infinite f and infinite h

  • participated in w project #3

  • his family's pets: dogs — rookie, aga, choco and a cat — heukimja (black sesame)

  • despite being the eldest member, he can be a crybaby sometimes

  • also full of aegyo even though the members hate it

  • your typical embarrassing dad

  • the members truly adore and look up to him — they have nothing but praises for him

  • our rock and pillar, the best leader we could ever have and we don't deserve him!!

  • 1/2 of makmak brothers

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choi sungyoon ∙ 최성윤

stage name: y (와이)
birthday: 950731
blood type: o
position: main vocal
jersey number: #3

  • trainee since 2012

  • made a cameo in the drama "my lovely girl" as junjun

  • was a backup dancer for infinite, infinite f and infinite h

  • most athletic member

  • won gold medal consecutively for men's 60m run at ISAC.. he goes NYOOM

  • self-proclaimed mother of the group

  • voted as scariest member based on first impression.. but also turns out to be an actual crackhead much like the rest of the group

  • can compose and write songs: the rest

  • pretty much good at everything

  • thinks he's an actual bunny... he's not wrong, though

  • somehow always knows when fans are upset or sad and reassures them that everything will be ok

  • 'it's not "hwaiting" but "Y-TING!"'

  • 1/2 of ajae princes

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lee jangjun ∙ 이장준

previously named lee changjun
birthday: 970303
blood type: a
position: main rapper
jersey number: #82

  • trainee since 2012

  • was a backup dancer for infinite

  • participated in w project #2

  • was in the same graduating class as lovelyz' sujeong, jeong sewoon and kim woojin (ex-stray kids membrer) at SOPA (school of performing arts)

  • bffls with ab6ix' jeon woong

  • golcha's mood maker, happy pill and energizer — mans doesn't know when to stfu and we love him for that

  • animal lover, has a dog named 'maru'

  • way too into his handsomeness, confidence level x1000

  • has brought attention to golcha for being a variety king and comedy genius

  • you may know him as that random funny dude on road to kingdom

  • may seem extra but deep down, he's a big softie with a heart of gold and loves everyone around him so much

  • declared as "dingo's son" and has a variety show on dingo called "jangstar"

  • 1/3 of baejangtag, seungmin is his tinkerbell

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son youngtaek ∙ 손영택

stage name: tag (태그)
birthday: 980413
blood type: o
position: main rapper
jersey number: #7

  • trainee since 2015

  • was a backup dancer for infinite

  • participated in w project #2

  • promoted in japan with jaeseok as members of the boygroup I.D

  • which explains why he can speak japanese really well

  • quite the wild child.. pls contain.. but also a crybaby

  • an animal lover, has a dog named 'choco'

  • entered high school late hence why he's in the same batch as 99 liners

  • received a lot of anonymous confessions in high school — i mean c'mon just look at his visuals!

  • friends with the boyz' joo haknyeon and momoland's nancy

  • king of waacking!! he ain't got long limbs for nothing!!

  • in a one sided-love with seungmin

  • 2/3 of baejangtag

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bae seungmin ∙ 배승민

birthday: 981013
blood type: a
position: lead vocal
jersey number: #98

  • secret trainee since 2016~2017(?)

  • auditioned for jyp entertainment, attended go performing arts academy (some clips of him dancing can be seen on their channel)

  • shortest member; so smol he can fit in a suitcase (see next bullet point)

  • hence why his nickname is "pocket boy"

  • looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you — seems shy and soft on the outside but don't let that fool you! insult him once and you're dead meat

  • never ever insult him about his height

  • mnet edited him as a weakling on woollimpick and now he's an icon of being sad and pitiful despite being actually quite strong (thicccccc thighs yo)

  • in a love-hate relationship with youngtaek, literally the cutest besties

  • jangjun and youngtaek love annoying him and he ain't having any of it!

  • biggest fanboy of crush

  • 3/3 of baejangtag, jangjun is his peter pan

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bong jaehyun ∙ 봉재현

english name: kevin bong
birthday: 990104
blood type: a
position: subvocal
jersey number: #19

  • secret trainee since 2016

  • googoo #1

  • fans call him "bongjae" for short

  • his many other nicknames: bongvely, bongpotter, bongpid, bong dongryul, lebong james

  • invented his own heart aegyo

  • bread supremacist to the core, seafood hater

  • majors in acting; made a cameo in the movie "4th place"

  • and now has made his acting debut in "fling at convenience store", a miniseries on dingo!!

  • lived in wisconsin/chicago for two years, can speak conversational english

  • has two doggos named 'bongji and 'bonggu'... he looks like them too T_T

  • quite athletic! really good at basketball (lebong james)!! was even the team captain in middle school and was also a short track speed skater

  • known to be from a rich family but he always denies it... we stan a humble king

  • golcha's resident model.. has had several individual magazine photoshoots

  • jibeom's #1 anti jk they're in love

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kim jibeom ∙ 김지범

birthday: 990203
blood type: b
position: lead vocal
jersey number: #33

  • trainee since 2015

  • googoo #2

  • his hometown is busan, will sometimes slip and speak in satoori

  • has very flexible fingers

  • somehow always gets in charge of washing the dishes

  • fairly quiet student in high school and graduated early

  • friends with jbj's donghan

  • meme king, the 'dumb' in dumb & dumber with joochan — somehow everything he does is funny without even trying

  • his wardrobe is literally 89243 striped shirts and 2 non-striped shirts

  • aside from jaehyun, his lifetime enemy is girl group dances.. and dancing in general

  • joochan's boyfriend but cheats on him with jaehyun

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kim donghyun ∙ 김동현

birthday: 990223
blood type: a
position: main dancer, subvocal
jersey number: #80

  • trainee since 2012

  • googoo #3

  • was a backup dancer for infinite

  • participated in w project #3

  • has a dog named 'dadi'

  • referred to as 'sunggyu's son' pre-debut due to their resemblance

  • also known as 'the kokobop guy'

  • tends to wake up the earliest out of the members who are still students

  • an actual fairy!!! has the cutest eyesmile — protect at all costs!

  • don't make him laugh too much or he will tear up

  • his jersey number is #80 because he wants to be 180cm tall

  • friends with nct's mark, onf's laun, romeo's kangmin

  • bomin's #1 anti, broskis 4 lyf with joochan

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hong joochan ∙ 홍주찬

birthday: 990731
blood type: o
position: main vocal
jersey number: #55

  • trainee since 2016

  • googoo #4, also the googoo's leader

  • participated in w project #1

  • has a dog named 'bbogeul'

  • made some really questionable selfie decisions predebut... exhibit a, exhibit b.. and trust me, there's more and they're everywhere

  • thinks sydney is the capital of singapore

  • loves to draw and doodle weird things?? idk.. he thinks he's picasso 2.0

  • the biggest dork, the 'dumber' in dumb & dumber with jibeom. literally.

  • was the only boy in his school's nail art club HLSADKF can u believe

  • but behind all that dumbassery, he's super talented - can play the guitar, piano and violin

  • golcha's resident hoe, loves skinship

  • two-timing jibeom and donghyun

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choi bomin ∙ 최보민

birthday: 000824
blood type: b
position: subvocal, dance
jersey number: #89

  • trainee since 2015

  • the golden maknae.. he's so powerful

  • appeared in lovelyz' "now we" music video

  • filmography: a-teen season 2 as ryu jooha, melting me softly as hwang jihoon, 18 again as seo jiho

  • currently the mc for kbs music bank alongside actress shin yeeun

  • has two dogs: 'j' and 'joy' (whom he adopted uwu)

  • friends with astro's sanha

  • actual girl group activist — the #1 reveluv.. c'mon he named his dog joy

  • his heart is for donghyun and donghyun only but donghyun doesn't love him back

  • noona fan collector and also one of the group's stan attractors due to his visuals

  • second tallest member

  • deserves an oscar for his fake crying

  • some days he's an angel and some days, he's the spawn of the devil

  • 2/2 of makmak brothers

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park jaeseok ∙ 박재석

birthday: 951120
blood type: a
position: subvocal, dance
squad number: #20

  • trainee since 2015

  • his nickname is "parkjumma"

  • was a backup dancer for infinite

  • promoted as "jaeho" in the group I.D with fellow member tag (youngtaek)

  • participated in w project #3

  • the tallest member, a model!!

  • can speak japanese

  • a really good cook! used to be in charge of cooking

  • literally a walking, breathing visual god.. like just look at his face

  • 2/2 of ajae princes

  • on 180107, jaeseok officially ceased activities with golden child and left the group due to health issues and other personal reasons

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To kick off the year 2017, Woollim launched a series of pre-debut releases known as the W Project. The aim of this project was to introduce their trainees who will be potentially debuting later that year. Through this project, Golden Child members Daeyeol, Jangjun, Youngtaek, Donghyun, Joochan and Jaeseok (now an ex-member) were revealed. They were able to showcase their talents by participating in a release catered to different areas of expertees such as vocals, rap, and dance. Each release includes a music video featuring the members which you can find below.


joochan, soyoon
release date: 170120
available on: melon, iTunes, spotify
+ mv making 1 & 2 / dingo music live / 1thek color live

drought ft. bée

jangjun, tag
release date: 170213
available on: melon, iTunes, spotify
+ mv making 1 & 2 / 1thek waiting room live


daeyeol, jaeseok, donghyun
dance performance
release date: 170331
+ mv making


release date: 170829
available on: melon, iTunes, spotify

1. gol-cha!
2. damdadi (담다디)choreo ver. mv / dance practice
3. with me (나랑 해) ↬ dance practice
4. what happened? (내 눈을 의심해)
5. i love you so (네가 너무 좋아)
6. sea ↬ mv / dance practice

miracle "奇跡"

release date: 180129
available on: melon, iTunes, spotify

1. miracle 奇跡 (기적)
2. it's u (너라고)choreo ver. mv / dance practice: daeyeol / y / jangjun / tag / seungmin / jaehyun / jibeom / donghyun / joochan / bomin / group
3. lady ↬ choreo ver. mv / dance practice
4. crush
5. 모든 날
6. i’m falling


release date: 181024
available on: melon, iTunes, spotify

1. wish
2. genie (담다디) ↬ dance practice: regular ver. / animal character ver.
3. eyes on you (너)
4. i see u (너만 보인다) ↬ choreography video
5. listen (들어봐 줄래)
6. ytmob (you turn me on baby, 넌 모를 거야)
7. would u be my

take a leap

release date: 200623
listen on: melon, spotify, apple music

1. take off
2. one (lucid dream)choreo ver. mv / special choreo video / dance practice
3. omg (훅 들어와) ↬ special choreo video
4. moment (혼잣말)
5. make me love
6. h.e.r
7. pass me by


release date: 210125
available on: melon, apple music, spotify

1. yes.
2. 안아줄게 (burn it)lip ver. mv
3. cool cool
4. 기다리고 있어 (round n round)
5. milky way
6. breathe


release date: 191118
available on: melon, itunes, spotify

1. re-boot
2. wannabechoreo ver. mv / hanbok ver. / phantom ver. / dance practice
3. lately (느껴져)
4. compass (나침반) ↬ choreography video
5. no matter what | jangjun & tag ft. joochan
6. a song for me (문제아) | joochan solo
7. spring again (그러다 봄)
8. she's my girl
9. our heaven (둘만의 천국) | daeyeol, sungmin, donghyun
10. fantasia | y solo
11. don't run away (도망가지마)
12. go together (놓지 않기로 해) | jaehyun, jibeom, bomin

without you


release date: 200129
available on: melon. itunes, spotify

1. re-boot
2. wannabe
3. without youchoreo ver. mv / dance practice
4. i love u crazy!
5. lately (느껴져)
6. compass (나침반)
7. no matter what | jangjun & tag ft. joochan
8. a song for me (문제아) | joochan solo
9. spring again (그러다 봄)
10. she's my girl
11. our heaven (둘만의 천국) | daeyeol, sungmin, donghyun
12. fantasia | y solo
13. don't run away (도망가지마)
14. go together (놓지 않기로 해) | jaehyun, jibeom, bomin


release date: 180704
available on: melon, itunes, spotify

1. let mechoreo ver. mv / dance practice
2. if
3. thank you

a song for me

release date: 190227
available on: melon, itunes, spotify

1. a song for me (문제아)

spring again

release date: 190502
available on: melon, itunes, spotify

1. spring again (그러다 봄)

pump it up

release date: 201007
available on: melon, spotify

1. pump it upchoreo ver. mv / special choreo video / dance practice
2. that guy (그 자식)
3. lean on me (너의 뒤에서)

love letter

drama: 20th century boy and girl (20세기 소년소녀)
release date: 171016
listen on: melon, iTunes, spotify


drama: legal high (리갈하이)
release date: 190301
listen on: melon, iTunes, spotify

love shaker

drama: best mistake 2 (일진에게 찍혔을 때2)
release date: 200409
listen on: melon, apple music, spotify

golcha index

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start with this. woollimpick is golcha's pre-debut and first variety show. it's a great way to get an insight of their personalities and watch them as they prepare for their debut.

.   › guide to be a fan of golden child
.   › fart cushion prank
.   › coin karaoke, extra karaoke shenanigans
.   › more karaoke sessions: joochan | seungmin | jangjun & tag | jibeom
.   › girl group random dance highly recommend this one!!!
.   › never let golden child clean your room this one too!!!
.   › jaehyun hidden camera prank

ring it! golden child

golcha's first variety show after debut. they do challenges, team battles and lots of other fun things.

crazy petty housemate

a series in sitcom format about a group of friends that live together.

crazy petty reunion

a series revolving around the reunion of the crazy petty housemates after 10 years.

  • episodes: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


a short film revolving around ten boys asking for a miracle as they try to get super powers in attempts to win over a girl's heart. filled with silliness, cute shenanigans and maybe some awkward but totally endearing acting. definitely worth watching!! it's actually surprisingly really good.



follow golcha around as they enjoy their leisure time in between comebacks.

  • season 1: 1 | 2

  • season 2: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

  • season 3: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6


short and sweet (less than a minute) clips of the boys on set, behind the scenes, in dressing rooms, etc.



members covering other artists

weekly idol

after school club

king of masked singer

road to kingdom

OP's NOTE: just a few cover performances that i think are worth watching! (might expand this masterlist to notable performances each era when i get the chance but no promises). head to next tab to find more performances!

180807 the show: man in love (by infinite)
180808 m! countdown: very nice (by seventeen)
190525 dream concert: boygroup mashup | dance practice
191220 music bank: fear (by seventeen) & wannabe

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